24 Weeks Teen Pregnancy Vlog!

ahhh, we’re getting closer! i can’t believe there’s only 16 weeks left, which is a lot but then again it’s really not! we can’t wait to hold our little boy! i didn’t edit this or anything, & i’m sorry i had to record on my webcam again. i’m gonna do what i can to figure out recording on my camera, i’ve only even had it for a week! thanks for watching; comment/subscribe! babyboyrichards.tumblr.com http



Hazelrubymoon says:

Ya i had the same problem lol i just wore panty liners every single day! I would always worry that my amniotic fluid was leaking but it was just pressure on the bladder. Just stock up on panty liners and dont sneeze? or laugh! Lol 😀

LizYandell says:

My mom said she had? that pee problem and would just wear a pad or panty liner… Damn I’m 12 weeks and I’ want to know the gender of mine already! Lol

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