How dangerous is Bacterial Vaginosis in the First Trimester?

first trimester
BB2007 asked:

Hi. I am 9 weeks pregnant and I had some slight spotting on Sunday, so I went in for an ultrasound on Monday morning. Baby looked great, measuring right on target with a good heartbeat.
I went back in yesterday for a pelvic exam and discovered I have bacterial vaginosis. I was prescribed Flagyl for this infection, but my doctor told me that it isn’t recommended in the first trimester because there haven’t been any studies performed on women in the first tri taking this medication. He said if it gets worse to go ahead and take it, but if it isn’t bothering me, to wait until 12 weeks.
I am nervous that letting this go “untreated” for 3 more weeks will hurt my baby. Me and my husband tried for 7 months for this little one and we love him/her so much already, I would be devastated if something happened. So my question is… Have you been in this position? If so, what/when did you take the medication? Also, do the risks of getting an infection in my uterus outweight the risks of Flagyl?



micg says:

I had bv during the first trimester with my past two pregnancies. My ob would not treat me until 12 weeks because the risks of the medication far outweigh the risks of the infection. It is certainly an inconvenience to deal with bv but it is better than harming the baby with medication. Just wait it out until safe to be treated. My kids are healthy and I waited for treatment.

lesley s says:

I would get a second opinion, there has got to be some other form of medication for this that won’t hurt the baby. I can’t believe the doctor would tell you the medication may harm the baby but to go ahead if you need to. Go to another doctor if you can, you need to ask another doctor his opinion.

Autumn C says:

If your Dr. suggested waiting he understands the risk involved and he apparently thinks it would be worse to take the RX. To answer your question though I have never had bacteria vaginitis but I had a UTI (urinary tract infection) for which they gave me antibiotic and a pain pill and one nurse said it was save to take and another said it wasn’t….I didn’t take it. You need to stop worrying. I know that is easier said than done but you are not helping anything by stressing about what MAY happen. I tried for 6 months to get pregnant with my last one and I was faced with the possibility of a miscarriage so I understand where you are coming from and I worried as much as u are, but it isn’t save. I ended up miscarrying, I’m not saying the stress is what caused it but I know it couldn’t have helped.

estkijedsco says:

i would wait til 12 weeks like he said. bv is more of a threat in later pregnancy as is can cause premature labor. then again it is an infection so maybe you should get a second oppinion? I doubt your dr would delay treatment if he thought your pregnancy was a t risk. best of luck.

mommy of two says:

I have had it almost the whole time I have been pregnant. I am currently 34 weeks pregnant. You need to wait until you have reached week 12. It is unlikely that is will affect your baby. But it can cause preterm labor to start. Alot of women go untreated because most doctors treat it as a yeast infection. But as soon as you reach 12 weeks go ahead and start taking it. If not you will be in extreme pain like I was and I still am. I have taken two rounds of the flagyl and I still have it. Sex makes it worse and being hot can make it flare up while you have it. My doctor told me that if it becomes bothersome to take tea bags that you ahve already used and freeze them and then put them on you vagina. I know that sounds crazy but it does help with the itching and burning. If you need to get some cortizone 10 and coat your self down really good. You and baby should be fine just wait until you hit 12 weeks to take the antibiotics.

Kristine M says:

BV is something that many women have that don’t even know they have it. It often resolves on its own. The problem with BV in pregnancy is that it can increase the risk of pre term labor. It is OK to go untreated for the time being, and if the bacteria is still present in your second trimester, you can treat it then. Congrats on your baby to be!

veronica c says:

I think I would ask for another opinion, also…..I have always been told that any kind of infection, left un-treated, could go to the uterus. I am sure your Dr. knows what he is talking about, but to be on the safe side ask around!

momma says:

i was in this postion and my doctor gave me the same i read that i should wait and i called tele health (canadian thing run by the gov) they told me to take it just to be careful when up “use it” bc BV can cause low birth weight so its better to take it right away my doctor also said the same thing i was crying when i found out i had sumthing and they gave me stuff i couldn’t take but the tele health ( a real registered nurse) people helped me through my son is due april 17 and hes healthy:D

michelle c says:

I had BV at 12 weeks 5 days and got treated ASAP with pills that i took for 7 days
and it cleared up and got tested again to make sure it was gone and it was thank god 🙂
here is some info I found for u

pregnant women with BV more often have babies who are born premature or with low birth weight (less than 5 pounds).

The bacteria that cause BV can sometimes infect the uterus (womb) and fallopian tubes (tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus). This type of infection is called pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). PID can cause infertility or damage the fallopian tubes enough to increase the future risk of ectopic pregnancy and infertility. Ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition in which a fertilized egg grows outside the uterus, usually in a fallopian tube which can rupture.
Treatment is especially important for pregnant women. All pregnant women who have ever had a premature delivery or low birth weight baby should be considered for a BV examination, regardless of symptoms, and should be treated if they have BV. All pregnant women who have symptoms of BV should be checked and treated.
Hope this helps u out and good luck with everything…

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