How would you rate your parenting on a scale from 1 to 10?

jane asked:

How would you rate your parenting on a scale from 1 to 10, with ten being perfect?

How would you rate your parents’ parenting?

And your friends?

Do most people think they are worse, equal or better parents than the average parent?



Jose L says:

friends 1
they dont think at all they dont even care

mrs.zarbis says:

Mine, probably around 8 or 9. Parents, Mom, 10. Dad… 5. Friends ?

grain says:

my parent


they are so mean to me

call me names like stupid, DIE, ugly looser foever and a bad kid
hits me pits me kick slap me

loves me under a condition

sixtusthevi says:

My parenting: N/A.
Parents’ parenting: ……… N/A
Friends: I don’t know.
Opinions of self: I’m going to say that most people only make decisions because they think or feel those decisions are best; if others make different decisions in the same situation, they will each think the other is somehow wrong. So, I’m assuming most people think that they are better parents than everyone else.

jammer says:

1. I like to think that I am a good parent. My children have turned out to be wonderful. 19 and 17.
2. We had a happy childhood and my parents did the best they could.
3. Most of my friends are good parents. Others could do with more patience and understanding of their children (or children in general).
4. I think most people think they are doing the best they can.

? Hunter's Mommy ? is TTC says:

10. I am proud of the mother I am. My son may not be perfect but he is only 14 months. Your parenting is what you make of it and I feel pleased with how I am doing so far. Im not blowing hot air into my ow balloon. It just goes for every body, if you are molding your child into what you want, then you are a ten. Anyone who doesn’t yell and scream and physically hit their child or frighten them, and takes good care of them is a perfect 10. Good job mommas you should all be proud of yourselves.

Mom was a 10 and my friends are obviously a ten as well or I wouldn’t be their friend. (refer back to my statement on physical hitting and yelling)

Sky says:

Mine:1 I have terrible parenting skills since my patience with children is really horrible. One of the reasons I’ll never have children.
Parents: 7 1/2 They were quite good, but they weren’t perfect. They infuriated me at times and even to this day I struggle to understand the logic they used when I was a child.
Friends: 2 None of my friends have kids yet. Their parenting skill might improve someday but for now they’re just carefree and enjoying life. None of my friends are really ready to ‘settle down’ yet.

Andrew / Val says:

My parenting: 4/10
My parents: 10/10
Friends: 8/10
I’d say most people think they’re better than an average parent

Amy says:

me-8. i’m definitely not a bad parent but there’s always room for improvement. both my kids are excellent students and keep their noses out of trouble. i couldn’t have done a bad job so far!

my mom-9. she sacrificed a lot for me when i was growing up.

my dad-0. tried kidnapping me when i was a baby and didn’t see him again after that.

my friends-it varies. i have a couple who rate pretty high, then i have a few who really didn’t need to reproduce.

i think every parent has their shortcomings. no one is perfect…not even when it comes to parenting skills. i would say on the most part, most people would think they are average.

Ashley says:

My parenting~8, I am not a bad parent but I am not perfect.
My parents~ 9.5, They gave up a lot to provide for me.
My friends~ 8, they are all good parents.

mourning for the angel we lost says:

8 my son is very well behaved and healthy, he’s 3. I only have one good friend I would give her a 5 because sometimes she doesn’t think like taking her 1yo sledding on a 20 degree day.

connie says:

10 and very proud of it.
( Connie Mom of 4 and 5th. Grade Teacher )

Texas Tiger says:

Lets see..

My skills a 7 Im am not perfect, but I try damn hard and take care to learn from my mistakes

My parents.. divorced and grew up with my mom.. do you accept negative scores???

My friends… to many to list all but the people we hang out with most.. the dad is who I hang out with… he is a 4 but improving. Considering everything going on with them they are doing well.

My wife thinks she is not as good as her parents… I KNOW I am better than my mother, but wasnt raised by my father so cant rate against him.

Aimee B says:

I would say 8 there is always room for improvement.
No one is a ten

My parents…? 3

My friends 8,

For both of us we are a universe better than our parents were

la la lucy says:

My parenting: N/A
My parents: 10. I have such a good relationship with them and so do my siblings!
My friend: 9. She does what she can (poor teenage mother.) only criticism: her kid is spoiled while his uncle (who is only 8 years old) is treated like crap.

Rachel says:

I am an 8. I would say my parents the same. Depends on the friend. Some I would put as 8 and others 4-5

Lucy Furr says:

7-8 My youngest of 2 just turned 18. I have a son, 20 and a daughter, 18. I am so proud of both of them. They a smart, fair, good human beings. I didn’t follow the rules when it came to parenting, and I’m glad I did it my way. I never talked down to them, if they came to me with a question, I always gave an honest answer. Something MY parents were no good at.

Ryley says:

Mine: 8 (people may rate it lower, but I love my daughter – damn teen parent criticizers!).
Parents: 6. They tried there best, I wish they didn’t get divorced though…
Friends: Meh, average of about 8.

Natz says:

My mum I would rate a 2
I would rate myself a 6 or 7
I would rate my little sister a 4 or 5
I would rate my best friends: Friend A – a 5
friend B – a 4
friends C – a 5

and I would rate my step sister in law a 9 (seriously, proper strict routine, everyone thinks shes perfect, her son is so perfectly well spoken, even at 3 he was, never misbehaves etc lol, its quite weird to see a “perfect” child (perfect being what society would deem perfect))

I rate myself a 6 or 7 because I know im not perfect but I do a damn site better than my mum ever did and I try my hardest and not being funny to my friends or anything but me and my hubby dont get a sitter whenever we like so we can do what we want, we had kids, we raise em and a few of my friends are always telling me their kids are doing their head even if they have only been back for an hour! lol.. Thats why I rate myself higher than my friends too

xtragedyinhellx says:

my parenting- when i do have a kid, its gonnabe about an 8.
my parents parenting- 0. they both left me when i was 3 and my dad didnt even know about me until i was 2.
my friends-0… wow never really though about this haha..

Riley due in AUG. w/twins girls! says:

Mine is a 7.5=I am not very perfect and people see my parenting as bad since I was a teen mom, but I love my girls and that’s all that matters

Parents: Mom-2 Dad-for effort 4-my parents were drug addicts and lived in rehab for most of my life.

I don’t think any parent is average becaus we all do things differently but at the end it’s our love for our kids.

NW says:

mom= 8 dad=6 friends=4

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