Newborn Fawn and Horse

We went out to collect the horses one evening and found that “Spook” had a companion – a newborn fawn that thought that Spook was his mommy. He was still damp and wobbly-kneed, so he couldn’t have been more than an hour or two old. Luckily, the real mother was nearby, and ran in as soon as we collected the horses and left the area.



vampychick22 says:

omg tooo cute giggles

kikyoprotector says:

so small i can’t believe how small they are i thought they were bigger then that ty for posting and it is cute fawn

syntasticfan says:


TheCrew47 says:

Fawn: “If I poke this with my nose.. it.. TWITCHES?! 😀 *pokes again”
Spook: “mehhh *twitches leg*”

yllibotiv says:

So where is it’s mother?

caitywood386 says:

I’m impressed that your horse tolerated that fawn…mine would not at all….btw..can I have your field…you have great grass lol =)

speckybex4 says:

OMG thats adorable!

TheLiberalsSuck says:

@121fu Notice how racist gets thrown at me before…”Hey yeah…that is just like a typical African American household…”

121fu says:

@TheLiberalsSuck your a racist fuck

TheLiberalsSuck says:

looks like the typical African American household, or a Paternity Test Show on Maury Povich Show…”Are you my daddy?”

TheLiberalsSuck says:

looks like every African American’s household or a Maury Povich Paternity test show…”Are you my daddy?”

Eamon280 says:

i don’t know, ive seen something i didn’t want to see involving a stallion, a foal that would die eventually, and throwing and slamming, so yeah

iHorseFoal says:

“Are YOU my mommy?!”

horsegal6196 says:

Read the description it says that after the horses were turned in the mother came back

Drukonis says:

I like when the horse shoved him out of the way he’s like “mah food!!” >:(
so cute

CajunsGirl1234 says:

aww that is really cute what happened to the little fawn???? was he ok like did he fined his mom or what did u do with him/ her???

Crazypom2 says:

omg…that is so sweet!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! 5 stars

AniuLonewolf says:

he is so tiny

matrixmare says:

I was so scared he would hurt the little thing!! My heart stopped when he picked his foot up… but then, I know you wouldn’t put gorey stuff on youtube… heehee

LBt92 says:

Aw, he’s so little <3

breezes011 says:

aww. i felt so bad, the poor thing was so clueless.
so cute.
great vid

3106591364 says:

what hapend to herat last? Is she alive ?

kaiter3 says:

Aw! That is SO cute! Watching this peaceful video calmed me. I started to feel sleepy. The picture clicks startled me, every time! lol

kimberleyjane1992 says:

sooo cute!!

Malon50001 says:

umm yea also it means there tunning into sound! there ears do that just because they go back like that DOES NOT mean he is ticked

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