Day in the life of potty training a toddler

So Jayden is 22 months old (almost 23) and is still in the early stages of potty training. As you can see as you watch this he does pretty well but still has accidents through out the day. He does REALLY well when we keep reminding him to go potty. But not so well when he gets to playing and we don’t remind him. He gets so busy that he forgets. If we go out he has to be in a water proof trainer or a diaper. But at home we try to keep him in his cheap Gerber trainers that are pretty much like underwear. They don’t hold a whole pee. Jayden started using the potty regularly at 19 months. So you can see potty training can be a LONG process. But we’re getting there slowly but surely : )



08jaydensmommy08 says:

@amishhorse yea he can get on and off of it by himself it is just easier and faster for me to help him sit down on it. He has short little legs so it is a little harder for him to do it by himself but he has and can.

amishhorse says:

Is Jayden able to get on or off that potty by himself? I am looking to buy one for my grandson seeing as the one I already bought is a disaster! I have the “Diego” one that is three parts including a footstool, potty seat that can eventually go onto the big toilet seat and the inner pot part! The whole damn thing tips over and falls apart at the drop of a hat so I am on the look for a GOOD one! The nice part of the crappy one I have is–he CAN get on it by himself! Just tips it over doing so!!

VintagexGlam07 says:

He is to cute, he is doing great with it, my niece was 2( she spends a few days and a few nights a week with us) and she was doing good with it an then she didn’t want to use her potty anymore, and she wanted a diaper, and now at 3 she is finally fully potty trained; which meant we couldn’t start gymnastics or going to vbs this past summer,number 2 is the hardest part of the whole deal.

VintagexGlam07 says:

He is to cute.

valeriethechinadoll says:

Good job guys;)

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@a0martin yes potty training definitely takes a lot of time and energy!! If i were pregnant I wouldn’t have the energy either. I bet it’s hard enough just running after her ; ) I wouldn’t worry about it. Most kids don’t even potty train until 2.5 these days anyway. And I was just telling Thomas that potty training is one of the hardest things as well.

a0martin says:

Jayden is on the right track, boys are usually difficult to train, good job Mommy (and Jayden:)! I started the potty training process when my daughter was 10 months old (she is now 23 months old) and she was doing great with going #2 on the potty for a while and teling me, but now I am pregnant and in my 3rd trimester and too lazy to be on top of things like I was before :(. potty training has been the toughest thing yet in parenthood for me.

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@mommyluvskenna Thank you!! I am going to make a video on how we went about starting Jayden on the potty. but for now my biggest tip is get rid of the diapers put her in underwear and take her to the potty about every 20 minutes to see if she has to go. Give her LOTS of praise when she goes in the potty. She will get tired of going in her pants b/c it will not feel very good.

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@amclaudet thank you!! It sure is hard work! ; )

mommyluvskenna says:

oh my gosh he’s doing so good! My daughter will be 3 in 2 months and she REFUSES to use her potty..any tips would be great 🙂

amclaudet says:

He’s doing great!!!! So are you!

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@MBShrewsbury haha yes it is definitely A LOT of work!

MBShrewsbury says:

YAY JAYDEN.. Awesome.. Good luck.. I am DREADING potty

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@ArmindaHeart Yes we have a little portable plastic fold up toddler seat cover that we use when we are out.

ArmindaHeart says:

I’m going to be potty training in the next 6 or so months and I have a question. What do you do when you go out? Do you place him on the public toilet with a seat cover or what? I’m so very new to this and this video was super helpful. I’m really panicking about having to do this – arg!

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@lizzardkat I have had many people ask me to do a similar type video so I definitely will probably sometime this weekend. The antsy pants are awesome but they are pretty expensive.

lizzardkat says:

What kind of pull-up do you use? You mentioned antsy pants? Any other recommendations? Where do you buy these? We’re about to start potty training. A video on what to buy and how to prepare would be GREAT!

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@BrookeButcher1987 I will send you a link in a Private message since it wont let me do so here : )

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@da1nonlymixedqt haha when he first started using the potty he would always say YAY!! afterward, and now he always says GOOD JOB! He is just so silly.

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@dreamflight6000 It really is a great potty chair ESPECIALLY for boys! Are you talking about the Gerber trainers? I got those at wal-mart. But let me warn you they do not hold a whole pee. They just catch some of the mess.

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@PreciousAngelochek Thank you! and yes he gets A LOT of one on one attention since he is the only child in the house with the four adults. Between the four of us one of us is usually always working with him on certain things through play of course. He loves to read books, draw, play with flash cards etc.

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@scoutsami01 Yes it is VERY tiring!!! I have to make a million and one trips to the bathroom lol

08jaydensmommy08 says:

@babyvlog Oh my gosh u have NO idea!! It’s like every 15 minutes sometimes!! It’s CRAZY!!!

BrookeButcher1987 says:

I saw in another one of your videos that you had a fold up travel potty seat from wal-mart. I have searched and searched their website and can not find it, is there anyway you can send me a link to the potty seat? I would so greatly appreciate it 🙂

babyvlog says:

Wow, toddlers pee a LOT! lol I had no idea… haha

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