What do you think of these baby names for a girl?

They are a bit old fashioned, but my boyfriend and I are that way, so they work for us. Just in the distant future, if we ever decide to have a baby, we would like to consider these names.

Carrigan (Carrie for short) middle name(s) : anne, marie, rose.

Gwendolyn (Gwen for short) middle name(s): joanne, lisa, anne.

Branwyn (Wynn for short) middle name(s) rebecca, anne, marie.

What do you think?



military_mummy says:

I love Gwendolyn!!! Its so sweet and classical 🙂

pppp says:


Baby BOY due in MAY says:

I love the first 2. I’m not crazy about the last one.

martha j says:


w.e.m.l. says:

i like the name rebecca nicole or rebecca terese

vintagechick says:

Carrigan is a pretty name 😀

mari says:

my first choice is Branwyn marie—

Byung Heon L says:

I prefer Gwendolyn

PinkSunset says:

I only like Gwendolyn.

None of the mns you listed really go with it though.

How about

Gwendolyn Joelle
Gwendolyn Elise
Gwendolyn Roseanne or Gwendolyn Rose

Carrigan just sounds like a last name and Branwyn reminds me of Brawny towels and Brawny men.

Lisa says:

The only one i like is Gwendolyn. I think Gwendolyn Joanne flows nicely.

shawnabowen25 says:

Carrigan rose is very pretty.

Layla says:

My favorite is Carrigan Rose

caitlyn9611 says:

i think Gwendolyn but middle name should b marie

CC says:

I like Carrigan. It is unique. Im sure when she gets older she won’t hate that name, and Carrie is good also on its own. Just a suggestion: Carrigan Moriah, another spelling for Mariah

?Larissa? iggy pop<3 says:

carrigan rose is perfect

Lee<33 says:

the honestly are the worst names ive ever heard in my life.

Vanilla Chai Tea says:

I’d use plain old Carrie, but not Carrigan.
Gwen, but not Gwendolyn.
The only one of these I actually like the full version of is Branwyn.

.*PriNCeSsNeLly*. says:

Gwendolyn Marie <3 love it!

Sam says:

Carrigan rose is my favorite name. If you finding unique name for your baby. So let you can search here

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