Do you think it is possible to start breast feeding after?

I stopped breast feeding my son at 6 weeks old. He is now 6 1/2 months old.


I’ve always secretly wanted to go back to breast feeding but after my supply dried up I gave up hope on that. But tonight out of nowhere the TINIEST bit came out. It just made me wonder?
Honestly what do you think?



lee says:

There is absolutely no reason why not. If that’s what you want to do then by all means have a go, your son will still reap the benefits. If you have a pump, start pumping frequently throughout the day like every 2-3 hours and speak to your dr or a lactation consultant as you may need medication to assist you to re lactate, though you may not need to take it, pumping may be enough. It could be worth contacting your local breastfeeding support network (aus bf assoc, la leche league etc) for some extra support as I’ve heard it can be difficult. Good on you and good luck if you decide to do it

kelly09620 says:

ha i doubt it…youd have to talk to a lactation consultant about it.

i breastfed exculsivly for 6 months and then slowly weaned to formula. now that im exculsivly formula I too sometimes wish i had kept up the breastfeeding but w/e. my milk is DRY. i dont see why i would start making milk again but who know.s

sara says:

hmm usually breast milk dries up if you stop breastfeeding
i have always heard it has to be done on a reg. basis in order for it to work.

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